Custom Order for Edward Bodge
Custom Order for Edward Bodge

Custom Order for Edward Bodge

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Custom Order for Edward Bodge

25 Total Cake Pulls (fully assembled with envelopes)

BUTTERFLY - You will have eternal beauty
OYSTER - You will enjoy the finer things in life
FLEUR DE LIS - You will live a life of wealth and prosperity
INTERLINKED HEARTS - You will know true love in your life
CLOVER - Good luck will soon find you
HOT AIR BALLOON - A life of adventure awaits
CHAMPAGNE - Your life will be filled with many celebrations
CASTLE - You will live happily ever after
SUN - You have a bright future
GARDEN SPADE - You are nurturing and caring
SUITCASE - You will travel the world
KISSING GOLDFISH - You will find a devoted lover
ENGAGEMENT RING - You are next to be engaged
GROOM CARRYING BRIDE - Your marriage will be filled with spontaneity and laughter
TIARA - It's not easy being a princess. But hey, if the tiara fits ...
MERMAID - You are a free spirit
LOCK & KEY - You will have a life of security
CROSS - You will live a life of tranquility and peace in your faith
OWL - You will know great wisdom in your life
BEACH CHAIR - You will live a life of leisure
LION - You will conquer any problem that you face
HIS & HER SHOES - You will soon find "The One"
CAMERA - You will have a memorable life
ANGEL - Your life will be filled with many blessings
MOON & STAR - Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Envelope Color: Light blue
Ribbon Color: Ivory
Envelope Paper Preference: Matte
On the Front of the Envelopes?: Round Pearl - White
Envelope Callout Instructions: Groom carrying bride charm - Put Catherine on the envelope
Date To Receive Cake Pulls: 6/19/19

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