Cake pulls date back to Victorian times. The ceremony itself was called a "Cake Pull" or "Ribbon Pulling Ceremony" and the bride would hide charms attached to ribbons inside the wedding cake for her single friends. The girls would each pull a ribbon from the cake and the charm they chose held a special meaning and foretold their future (for example, good luck, fortune, romance).

Cake Pulls Today

Today, cake pulls are still quite popular, especially in the South. However, they are no longer just for single friends. Now everyone can get in on the fun (maid of honor, bridesmaids, friends, parents, flower girls, etc.) and it gives each person a great keepsake from the day. Today, a lot of brides prefer to do the cake pull ceremony at the bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner instead of the wedding itself.

Cake pulls are no longer put inside the cake; rather, the bakery will usually place the cake pulls under the cake (underneath parchment paper) to protect the beautiful design of the cake as well as for sanitary reasons.

In addition to weddings, cake pulls are quickly gaining popularity at other events that have cakes (baby showers, birthdays, graduations, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.).

Why Cake Pulls By Dahlia

Most people familiar with cake pulls know that, traditionally, they ONLY consist of a charm attached to a ribbon. But what happens after the charm is pulled from the cake? How will your guests know what their charm means? Hosts generally provide a meaning card placed somewhere in the room so their guests can find out. We think there is a different way.

With Cake Pulls By Dahlia we have a fun and beautiful solution! Our cake pulls come with a tiny envelope attached to the ribbon, and inside this envelope is a message/fortune conveying the meaning of the charm!

The best part is, each set of cake pulls is completely customizable.

  • Choose from over 70 charms and ribbon colors
  • Customize the message for each charm or pick from our menu of messages and fortunes
  • On the front of the envelope you can choose your embellishment

No matter how much or how little customization you want, it's possible with Cake Pulls By Dahlia.